An interview with our executive coaches

xcx coachesIn December 2016, we launched Executive Coach Exchange, Australia’s premier marketplace for executive coaches. As part of the launch, Catherine Burrows interviewed the four foundation members.

She asked Marg Lennon, Claudia Lantos, Glenn Dennett and Trish Kelly the big questions about executive coaching:

  • how they got into coaching
  • what people should look for in an executive coach
  • how to tell if a coach is a good fit
  • how clients should measure their progress with a coach
  • whether coaching should be used for performance management or as a reward for high achievement
  • choosing coaches for others
  • executive coaching as an experience.

Catherine concluded, “Executive coaching is as individual as the clients and coaches themselves. It’s such a personal experience. One thing comes through above all, however. It’s the quality of the interpersonal relationship between the client and coach, the trust that develops between them, that makes executive coaching so powerful – and so rewarding.”

Take a look at the whole interview here.